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Fill-in Hairstrip

Balmain ModelThis is a product that is worth carrying the name of Balmain.

The Fill-In Hairstrip is a 3.5 inch wide strip on which the hair is tied; it is 32 inches long. One Fill-In Hairstrip represents about 20 extensions. Revolutionary about the Fill-In Hairstrip is the fact that it is attached with 5 Rebonds only. Now that is time saving! With traditional material it look many hours to create long hair. Each of the 150 extensions needed had to be placed piece by piece. That is all over now, because of the Fill-In Hairstrip. You need only 7 Fill-In Hairstrips to create long hair and for ea ch Hairstrip you need to apply just 5 Plusbonds. Many hours of hard labour is now reduced to a treatment of less that 1 hour.



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